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As I begin to write this last article for The Messenger the thought comes to my mind; “Where did the time go”? Fourteen years went by far faster than could have been imagined. Yet the time has been well spent and many good things have taken place, both in my life and the life of Buffalo Church.

During these years I have said a temporary farewell to some very wonderful people. Funerals are part of a minister’s work and are often the most profound moments of ministry. I feel that over the years my faith has grown as I have watched God’s saints go through those last months, weeks, days, until that time of celebration when they go to meet the Lord Jesus Christ. We are made closer by the celebration of the resurrection and the Gospel of Jesus Christ becomes more a part of our life and history.

It has been an honor to share in many weddings for members and friends of the church. With my first wed- ding, and getting to know the Russell family so much better, a process was started that has continued on down to the end of my service here. A minister is blessed to become part of the life of a couple just beginning their marriage. I have tried to make each wedding special for the couple, but as Dale has told me; “sometimes I tie the knot real tight”! My memories of these sacred services are all special and each person is special to me.

It has been a privilege to lead this church in worship. Some of my happiest moments have been spent in the sanctuary. The feeling of God’s presence has been one of the great joys in sharing the Word of God, listening to the wonderful music of the Church, and celebrating communion and baptism with the members of Buffalo. We are more than a congregation, we are brothers and sisters in the faith.

One of the greatest blessings has been the Noon Bible Study Group that meets on Tuesdays. We have shared so many things together. This group has been a constant source of grace in my life. Seldom have I found people more interested in learning what the Bible teaches, welcoming the opportunity to pray for me and each other. These faithful ones have lifted this church before God and prayed for His blessing to come to the people of our church. I will miss them greatly.

Thank you for allowing me to be your pastor. I will continue to love and pray for you daily.


Elder Carl Ray Meeks
June 27, 1944—March 12, 2014

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