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Dear friends at Buffalo Church:

On behalf of the McFarland family and myself, let me say a heartfelt “Thank You” for all of the love and condolences that were shown to us upon the home-going of my Mother. Let me say that Becky McFarland loved this church dearly, and the people of Buffalo have truly been “family” to us for so many years. I greatly appreciate the love and support that this church has extended, and I especially want to thank the Women of Buffalo for putting together a wonderful array of refreshments for the reception that took place after Mom’s funeral service. The service drew family, friends, and guests from several states. Every one remarked how special the church’s hospitality was, and how touched they were by Dr. Bledsoe’s message. The McFarland family says a sincere “Thank you” to one and all.

In a time of bereavement, however, the deepest thanks of all go to our Lord Jesus Christ. Because of His resurrection from the grave, our temporary sorrow is assuaged by the knowledge that for believers a great reunion day lies ahead! God’s Word is clear in its accounts of Christ’s victory over death—and equally emphatic in the promises of eternal life given to Christians.

Christ’s physical resurrection is a crucial component of our faith. And while mystery cults and world religions only allude to life after death, only Christianity has history on its side. The biblical worldview is unparalleled in its promise of a resurrected body for the believer, and Christianity is certainly distinct in that its founder alone—Jesus Christ—could enact His own resurrection. Jesus’ return after three days in the tomb is a vital, non-negotiable point of doctrine because Jesus said before going to the cross that His resurrection would prove He was the Savior (Matt. 12:39-40; Romans 1:4).

Christ’s appearances alive after death on the cross: Mary Magdalene, John 20:11-14; To “the other woman”, Matthew 28:9-10; Peter, Luke 24:34; Two disciples, Luke 24:13-32; Ten apostles, Luke 24:33-49; Thomas and “the other apostles”, John 20:26-30; Seven apostles, John 21; To all the apostles, Matthew 28:16-20; To the 11 disciples, Acts 1:4-9; To 500 brethren at once, I Corinthians 15:6; James, I Corinthians 15:7; Paul, 1 Corinthians 15:7.

How blessed we are to have the assurance of life after death in Jesus! And what a privilege it is to share this message with a lost and dying world. May all that we have in the risen Jesus be a source of inspiration and motivation for you today! It certainly is for me.

Alex McFarland

Mrs. Annie Katharine McKnight Thompson Poe
August 27, 1917—May 6, 2014

Mrs. Rebecca Straughan McFarland
December 10, 1928—May 19, 2014

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